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Best Electric Shavers Buyer’s Guide

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Picking a solitary item is an extreme employment when you have a lot of choices to look over in the market. That is the reason we have ordered a rundown of Best 10 Best Electric Shavers 2018. So you can observe the best and pick the one which suits your skin compose and facial hairs.

There are a lot of out there, few are great with regards to close shaving while few are great at happy with shaving. Which one would it be a good idea for you to pick? We’ll make sense of it soon!

Best Electric Shavers 2018

It is an extremely individual choice with regards to picking an electric shaver. To be completely forthright, there isn’t any best electric shaver which I can suggest you.

What may suit one individual won’t suit someone else

There are a few components to be considered before buying an electric shaver. Those components are shaver’s inclination, highlights, style, plan, and solace. That is the reason it won’t be a simple choice. Our best 10 list investigates the Best Electric Shavers accessible, from the shaving knowledge to the solace level. What’s more, this rundown will help you to pick the electric shaver which suits you the most. I prescribe you to peruse our Electric Shaver Purchasing guide before making a buy.

The following is the table which demonstrates the best 10 best electric shavers 2018. Every single shaver is picked by our master commentators.

Braun Series 7 790cc
(Editor’s Choice)
200 grams No Foil
Braun Series 9 9095cc 225 grams Yes Foil
Panasonic Arc 5
(Editor’s Choice)
180 grams Yes Foil
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1 pound Yes Rotary
Panasonic Arc 4 200 grams Yes Foil
Wahl 8061
(Professional’s Choice)
226 grams No Foil
Philips AT830 175 grams Yes Rotary
Braun CoolTec 200 grams Yes Foil
Remington F5-5800 200 grams No Foil
Panasonic Arc 3 180 grams Yes Foil

All things considered, now without squandering any further time, how about we bounce on to our main 10 best Electric shavers list.

1. Braun Arrangement seven 790CC – Shaking the market since 2010

Braun Series7 790cc audit:

Our 1st shaver during this arrangement comes the space from German school business referred to as Braun. The Braun arrangement seven isn’t any uncertainty the foremost thought arrangement at any purpose worked by this organization and therefore the model 790cc is that the most sold-out shaver ever. while not a doubt, it’s til now the simplest shaver out there and number one in our summary. Enough Acclaim, however regarding we have a tendency to get into the business currently.

The shaver provides improbably shut and sleek shave once contrasted with others in our lineup. Arrangement seven 790cc is incredibly distinctive with reference to highlights from different electrical shavers. The substance of this shaver has 3 trimmers. 2 of them square measure referred to as “OptiFoil” whereas the one within the opposite 2, is termed “ActiveLift.”

The OptiFoil trimmers facilitate the electric shaver to cover further facial hairs in fewer strokes whereas the ActiveLift adds to trim out the short and in-developed hairs. to not overlook usually this can be often a Pulsonic shaver, that produces 10,000 small-scale vibrations for every moment, that evokes the shaver to catch associate ever-increasing sort of hairs in each stroke.

The head of Braun 790cc is very filmable and may apace move around the shapes of your face. The shaver accompanies a liquor based mostly cleanup and Charging Dock., which might murder the ninety-nine of the germs with the help of a solitary catch. apart from that, there square measure three personalization modes accessible during this propelled shaver referred to as Expected, Serious, and extra Delicate. you’ll be able to choose the trail as per your skin compose and hairs. there’s to boot a fly up trimmer for trimming whiskers, mustache, and sideburns.

The main drawback in this electric shaver is that it is missing Wet&Dry Innovation. Be that as it may, this element is accessible in the other variation of Braun Arrangement 7, known as Braun 799cc which is very costly.

By and large, the Braun arrangement 7 790cc is my record-breaking most loved and best electric shaver 2018 out there in the market. The constructed quality is awesome, 3 trimmers, rotating head, personalization modes and cleaning dock are sufficient for an agreeable and close shave. Other than that, this is a standout amongst the most spending electric shaver accessible in the market. The cost is low when contrasted with others in our lineup.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible and Pivoting Head
  • Personalization Modes
  • Solid Built Quality
  • Automatic cleaning and charging dock
Ø Absence of Wet & Dry Technology

2. Braun Arrangement 9 9095CC – The most recent propelled electric shaver of Braun

Braun Arrangement 9 9095cc Survey:

The following one in our rundown is additionally from the Braun. It is the most recent electric shaver arrangement propelled by Braun and our most loved model in this rundown is Braun 9095CC.

The electric shaver is concealed with the greater part of the sparkling chrome plastic, which looks cool!

This electric shaver works similarly as the over 790cc, the main contrast is that 9095cc contains one additional trimmer known as “Immediate and Cut”. This extra trimmer encourages the shaver to adjust the hairs which develop in various ways and afterward trim those out. Other than that, the ActiveLift trimmer from 790cc is supplanted by HyperLift Trimmer which is more exceptional and expels the level hairs.

Braun 9095 Pulsonic shaver deliver 40,000 cross-cutting activities every moment, kindly don’t blend it up with the 10,000 small-scale vibrations of 790cc. It gives more close shave than 790cc, the distinction isn’t that much to stun. Fly up trimmer is additionally there.

The motivation behind why it is recorded as number 2 is on account of it’s made of plastic while the 799cc contains metal head. Other than that, you will pay damnation parcel of cash for the highlights you truly don’t require on the off chance that you have an ordinary facial hair and you shave on the consistent schedule. Be that as it may, this electric shaver is more agreeable on the skin.

Braun arrangement 9 9095cc has the greater part of the highlights of 790cc and it additionally has the Wet&Dry innovation, which encourages the client to utilize this electric shaver either on dry skin or with shaving gel for touchy skin.

Here is a speedy correlation of Braun Arrangement 7 and Braun Arrangement 9:

Shaving elements 5 4
Contour Adaption 10-D 8-D
Wet&Dry Yes No
Display 12 LEDs LCD
Battery Li-Ion 50m Li-Ion 50m
Blade Type Foil Foil
Pop up Trimmer Yes Yes
Clean&Charge Station Yes Yes

Wrapping it up, the Braun arrangement 9 9095 has the majority of the considerable highlights including Wet&Dry innovation which was absent in the over 790cc. It contains one additional trimmer which trims down the hairs which develop in different ways. Then again, the drawback of this shaver is that it is all plastic and exceptionally costly.

  •  Addition of an extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”
  1. Close shaving experience
  • 40,000 Crosscutting actions
  • Presence of Wet&Dry Technology
Ø Poor built quality (All Plastic

Ø Very expensive (More than double of 790cc)

3. Panasonic Circular segment 5 – Best Electric Razor for Close shaving

Panasonic curve 5 reviews:

With regards to close shaving, nobody in the market can beat Panasonic Curve 5. In the event that you are going to return on manual razors, in light of the fact that your electric shaver is neglected to furnish you with the nearby shaving, at that point try it out, and you will change your choice.

Panasonic is a Japanese brand and bargains nothing finished quality. Circular segment 5 is thwarted shaver in nature and contains 5 cutting edges which give a great degree close shave. This is the best electric shaver for the general population who have thick and substantial facial hair. There is a Driven board which keeps you refreshed with the battery life and it likewise accompanies the cleaning and charging dock. Panasonic Bend 5 contains a 14,000 CPM straight engine, which is intended to forestall pulling and pulling which you may have looked in the modest shavers out there. Much the same as the Braun, a side trimmer is additionally accessible in this electric shaver to enable you to trim your mustache and whiskers.

The shaver contains five foils of 3 unique composes.

  • Three Slit Foils are there which helps to cut out all of the long and bulky hairs.
  • One Lift-Tech trimmer helps to capture the flat-lying hairs and ingrown hairs.
  • One Finishing foil is there to cut out all of the hairs which grow in different directions and missed by the other four trimmers.

Everything about this shaver is awesome. Be that as it may, I couldn’t locate this electric shaver agreeable when contrasted with others. The leader of this shaver feels massive and sufficiently enormous. It wasn’t achieving my neck appropriately. I got an extremely touchy skin and that is the reason I incline toward agreeable shavers over close shavers.

In the event that you are getting the coveted outcomes as of now from your present electric shaver and you don’t have a thick facial hair, at that point I prescribe you to not to run with Curve 5. Rather, observe Curve 4 underneath.

The execution of this electric shaver is totally incredible. There is most likely that this electric shaver is the best electric shaver, at any point worked by Panasonic. Nonetheless, it is missing a standout amongst the most vital elements “Agreeableness”. Despite everything I need to advise you this is my sincere belief and I have a delicate skin and possibly that is the reason it sometimes fell short for me. This electric shaver may suit you, so you can either put it all on the line or not. It’s dependent upon you.

It is recorded on the third number on purpose!

  • Best Electric razor for close shaving
  • Pivoting head and 5 trimmers in head
  • Good for thick and heavy beards
  • Wet&Dry Electric Shaver
Ø    Itchy and not good for sensitive skins

Ø     The shaver is not that much great when it comes to comfortability

4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotational Shaver for Head and Facial hair

Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3d audit:

Philips is the ace with regards to Rotational shavers. No other brand can beat Philips in this innovation. Number 4 on our rundown will be the revolving shaver Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D, which is useful for both facial hair and head.

We observed this to be the most agreeable rotating shaver and it truly stays with your skin and move easily around your face forms and give a productively close shave.

The shaver got 3 autonomous round foils in the head which sticks and moves around the forms of your face. The rotating leader of the shaver achieves the majority of the hairs and stubbles. The foils can turn, tilt and can move upward and descending which is an extraordinary component to help you out in shaving your head. That is the reason this is the best electric shaver for Bare folks. The leader of this shaver is called “GyroFlex 3D” since it can move into 3 measurements which are a special element.

There are other astounding highlights accessible in this electric shaver is called “Super Lift&Cut”, which is like ActiveLift in Braun and Lift-Tech in Panasonic. It gets the hairs on neck and jawline. It additionally encourages the shaver to get in-developed hairs, stubbles, and level hairs.

Presently we should go to the drawbacks of this shaver. The shaver feels premium from looks yet when you get your hands on it, it feels extremely modest. Disgrace it is all plastic and elastic. The battery is settled, so if by one means or another your battery leaves the request, you will have no real option except to supplant your electric shaver.

Generally speaking, the SensoTouch 3D is a progressed and awesome rotating shaver which has the majority of the most recent highlights you can get from a shaver. It is quick and intense and gives an agreeable and close shave. There are a couple of drawbacks however it made it the number 4 in our rundown.

  • Three Independent Foils
  • The head of this shaver can move into 3 dimensions, which is good for shaving head
  • Extremely comfortable and close shaving provider
  • Wet&Dry technology available
Ø  Poor Built quality (All plastic and Rubber)

Ø  Expensive Replacement Parts (Serious Issue)

Ø  Fixed battery (You can’t replace it)

Ø  Only chargeable through the dock (You can’t charge it using cord)

 5. Panasonic Bend 4 – Spending well disposed and Close shaving supplier

Panasonic Circular segment 4 Survey:

Panasonic once more, with a great model Circular segment 4. It is relatively same as the Panasonic curve however it contains 4 edges in the head and doesn’t accompany charging dock.

Much the same as Bend 5, this model will likewise give you a to a great degree close shave however in the meantime, it needs on agreeableness.

Panasonic Curve four has the bulk of the highlights from the foremost recent Bend five, it’s merely missing a solitary trimmer from its head, and it comes while not clean up and Charging dock. The four newest framework accessible during this shaver is progressed and sufficiently sharp to convey you the closest shaving information. The cutting edges area unit to a good degree solid, sharp and that they will rotate at thirty degrees toward any path. It likewise contains the direct fourteen,000 CPM double activity engine that is very intense.

Other than that, it gives 40 minutes of battery life on a solitary charge while the others give 50 minutes of battery reinforcement.

Other than that there is not a lot to expound on it as I have just clarified the majority of the highlights above in Panasonic Bend 5.

  • Extremely low in price as compared to other high tech shavers on our list
  • LED Panel available to keep you updated with the battery and motor speed
Ø   Not that much comfortable

Ø   It comes without cleaning and charging dock (That’s the reason it is available in very low price)

 6. Wahl Proficient 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Touchy Skin

Wahl 8061 survey:

Wahl is associate yank whole and a choice of professional stylists. Wahl practiced 8061 is moderate, knock free, capable and powerful razor which may work the requirements of any man.

This razor utilizes Dynaflex Cutting framework, which may facilitate the shaver to succeed in and cling to the tougher territories like neck and jawline. Dynaflex provides ability to the shaver that keeps all form of cuts and consumes. aside from that, Hypoallergenic foils square measure accessible to offer a detailed and swish shave. It likewise provides antimicrobial security from microorganisms.

That is the rationale it’s an ideal call for the people World Health Organization got associate exceptionally delicate skin.

The set up of this shaver is nice. it’s supposed to be utilised effortlessly. it’s all plastic, however, feels premium within sight associated you’re not paying that abundant to urge an Al or metal body. the most effective factor concerning this shaver is that it’s Hypoallergenic. that is advantageous to the touchy skin purchasers. there’s a fly up trimmer which may be helpful in trimming hair and sideburns.

You should apprehend before exploit this shaver, this is often very a finishing shaver that works for the husk length hairs because it were. therefore within the event that you {just} can shave just regular routine, at that time this is often an honest call, else I bring down you to watch completely different shavers accessible during this summation.

Other than that, it vibrates a substantial live whereas utilizing, that makes it kind of a lot of arduous to utilize and awkward.

In general, the Wahl practiced 8061 is a unprecedented call for people with delicate skin thanks to the hypoallergenic thwart heads. it’s a protracted battery life, that is useful to the people World Health Organization travel a substantial live. easy to wash, and easy to utilize. Presumably, you’re obtaining what you’re paying for.

  • Hypoallergenic Foil Heads (That made Wahl the best electric shaver for sensitive skin)
  • Easy to use design
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel-Friendly (Long Battery Life)
  • Budget-Friendly
Ø    Heat up in few minutes

Ø    High Vibrations

Ø    Uncomfortable

Ø    Wet & Dry Feature missing

Ø    Only good for the hairs of stubble length

 7. Philips Norelco AT830 – Moderate and Most well known Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco at830 audit:

Philips Norelco AT830 is a standout amongst the most well known electric shavers out there and it was first discharged in 2012. In the event that you incline toward revolving shavers overthwart, and short on the spending then AT830 may be a perfect decision for you.

Norelco AT830 is a PowerTouch, Wet and Dry electric shaver which accompanies a considerable measure of convenient highlights and not very many downsides. The leader of this shaver can rotate a little dislike the SensoTouch in the greater part of the 3 measurements. Philips AT830 have DualPrecision Innovation, which enables the make a beeline for handling the long hairs and in addition short stubbles, so you can appreciate agreeable and close shaving background.

The fly up trimmer accessible in this electric shaver also. The battery life of AT830 is awesome. It gives 50 minutes of battery reinforcement and it takes 1 hour to get completely charge. You can without much of a stretch have 10 shaves on a solitary charge.

Revolving shavers were presented for happy with shaving background. Along these lines, almost certainly that this shaver gives amazingly agreeable shave and extremely smooth on skin. Simply don’t press the shaver hard on your skin, imagine like you are shaving a tissue paper, AT830 will carry out the activity.

Philips Norelco At830 is mid-level electric shaver which has a ton of incredible highlights including Wet/Dry Innovation, DualPrecision, Durable battery, Fly up trimmer and a rotating head. Other than that, the cost is low when contrasted with others. Simple to spotless, great looking and an agreeable electric shaver and the most one of a kind piece of this shaver is that it is amazingly tranquil.

  • Dual Precision and Wet & Dry Technology
  • Very quiet (The motor of this electric shaver doesn’t make noise that much)
  • Comfortable and sensitive skin friendly
  • Affordable and Easy to clean
Ø   Head can pivot but very little

8. Braun CoolTec – Smooth and Cool Electric Shaver

Braun CoolTec Survey:

However, another shaver from Braun. This time, Braun concocted AN astonishing delicate skin skilled that contains Sleuth (Thermo electrical Cooling) innovation.

The Braun CoolTec could be a Wet&Dry razor that regards utilize either below the shower or on dry skin. it’s 100 percent waterproof, thus you’ll be able to wash it with water to urge it out.

The one in all a form part of this shaver is that the Cooling Innovation. This innovation highlights the fragile skins. the electric shaver can keep your skin cool whereas shaving, thus you do not have to be compelled to stress feat your john with a reddening red face. This element to boot keeps the aggravation whereas shaving. This element limits the overwhelming and redness whereas shaving.

SensoBlade innovation is accustomed to this shaver with catch the hairs that develop in numerous ways in which. The battery reinforcement of this shaver is forty-five minutes and it takes one hour to urge fully charged. yet, in the event that you simply can utilize the cooling highlight, the battery reinforcement is going to be of quarter-hour on one full charge. you’ll be able to flip the Chilling part on or with a solitary catch.

I simply would prefer not to prescribe you to utilize this electric shaver with gels and froths on account of the CoolTec capacity of this electric shaver. This element is contradictory with the outer cooling liquids.

In general, Braun CoolTec is a one of a kind electric shaver which is incredible in outline and agreeableness. Comparing cost with alternate shavers in our rundown, it’s nothing. The astonishing CoolTec innovation makes it an incredible shaver for individuals with touchy skin. The main drawback I found in this shaver is the short battery life.

  • TEC technology
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly
  • Great Looking Design
  • Wet & Dry Electric shaver
Ø  Battery consumption while using Cooling Feature

9. Remington F5-5800 – Spending Electric Shaver (Under $50):

Remington F5-5800 Survey:

The number ninth will be from the well known Remington. Remington is a well-known brand which outlined heaps of passage level to mid-range electric shavers. They were first to present a cordless energizing framework for electric shavers.

F5-5800 contains 2 foils and 1 trimmer in the head. The head can turn upward and descend and it moves around the forms of your face to give you simple and agreeable shave.

The shaver is anything but difficult to clean. Basically, evacuate the leader of the shaver and wash it submerged. The shaver is without aggravation. Believe me, I had a considerable measure of bothering even with a large portion of the top of the line shavers recorded above, including Braun 790cc, however, Remington F5-5800 was finished aggravation free electric shaver.

The shaver is comprised of all shabby plastic. It doesn’t give close shaving, for closeness in the spending I prescribe you to run with Panasonic Bend 3. The sharp edges required substitution after normal utilization of 3-4 months, which costs also. The shavers make a considerable measure of commotion due to the engine.

Remington F5-5800 is a moderate and a passage level shaver which gives a smooth and agreeable shave. There are a couple of disadvantages which I specified above, in any case, you can get it under $50. In this way, those negative focuses can be disregarded.

  • Extremely Affordable (Under $50)
  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Pivoting Head
Ø  Made up of all cheap plasticØ  Doesn’t provide close shave

Ø  Makes lot of noise

Ø  Parts required replacement after every 4-6 months of use

10. Panasonic Circular segment 3 – Progressed and 3-Sharp edge Cordless Electric Shaver

Panasonic Circular segment 3 Survey:

To wrap things up Panasonic Circular segment 3 is at last here.

It doesn’t make a difference that you are getting a shaver from Panasonic for $30 or $300 or $500, closeness will be their first need. However, another electric shaver which gives astounding close shave 3 sharp edge cutting framework and to a great degree low in cost when contrasted with the large portion of the electric shavers recorded previously.

The turning head, 3 to a great degree sharp cutting edges which give a nearby shave, Drove marker which keeps you refreshed with the battery life, Wet&Dry innovation, what isn’t there for you? The majority of the propelled highlights are there and the cost is under $70.

The shaver comes without cleaning and charging dock, that is the reason the cost is low when contrasted with the other Panasonic models in our rundown.

The shavers head contains 3 nanotech cutting edges which are likewise hypoallergenic, so this electric shaver is additionally delicate skin benevolent. The movable rotating head is there which can adhere to your face shapes to give a close and smooth shave.

By and large, the Panasonic circular segment 3 is giving you a considerable measure of highlights at an exceptionally reasonable cost. It comes without cleaning dock, that is the way Panasonic figure out how to keep the value low. Yet, that is not an issue, I am certain it’s not a migraine to burn through 1 minute more to clean your shaver every day. Other than that, the battery life is awesome and the shaver has Wet&Dry Innovation, so you can either utilize it under the shower with froth and gel or you can utilize it on dry skin.

  • Sharp and Hypoallergenic blades which are friendly to sensitive skin
  • Wet & dry electric shaver
  • Close and Smooth Shave
  • LED Panel
Ø   A bit Irritative

Ø   Noisy Motor

Ø   Comes without cleaning and charging dock

Electric Shaver Purchaser’s Guide

Propelled electric shavers are the mix of innovation which arrives in a little bundle. Before picking your electric shaver either from the rundown above or elsewhere, I prescribe you to at present read our Purchaser’s Guide, it will help you to comprehend the innovation that runs within these cutting-edge electric shavers.

So right away, we should proceed with our electric shaver purchasing guide.

Rotary vs Foil – Which is best for you?

I lean toward Thwart shavers over Rotating shavers on account of the closeness, smoothness, and outline.

Revolving shavers were acquainted first with give openly to shaving knowledge and shaving head. Almost certainly that revolving shaver is substantially more agreeable when contrasted with the thwart shavers yet they neglected to give a nearby shave.

While then again, thwart shavers are master of closeness. They contain sharp edges and propelled innovation which I extremely like.

  • Driven Marker: A charger with a Drove pointer is sufficient to keep you refreshed with the present battery level. Inform you when you connected to the charger and caution you with the low battery.
  • Corded and Cordless Shaving: Few of the electric shavers enable you to shave while your electric shaver connected to while few don’t. Braun arrangement 9 doesn’t permit corded shaved while Braun arrangement 7 do permit it.
  • Simple to utilize and clean: Ensure the electric shavers configuration is anything but difficult to utilize and clean. All of the electric shavers recorded above are anything but difficult to utilize and simple to clean. The greater part of the electric shavers above accompany Cleaning dock, you should simply to put the shaver inside that dock and press the catch, that dock will clean your shaver. A few models don’t accompany that cleaning dock, so you need to do it physically. In any case, that won’t take over 1 minute!
  • Fly up Trimmer: A large portion of the shavers accompany an incorporated trimmer which can be blown up. You can utilize that trimmer for prepping, sideburns, and mustache.
  • Wet and Dry Innovation: Wet&Dry innovation enables electric shavers to be utilized either under the shower or on dry skin. In the event that you got a touchy skin, at that point, you may favor shaving with gel froth. That is the place this innovation comes helpful.
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